Meet urbanBEDOUIN #7, Rosie Fortescue known as one of the original cast members of Made In Chelsea and one of the most followed trend setters in the UK. Rosie’s fashion blog, At Fashion Forte is ever growing in popularity with the perfect combination of beautiful photography and style posts. I caught up with Rosie in her neighbourhood of Fulham and spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine photographing her favourite pieces from BEDOUIN.

B: Tell us a bit about Rosie
R: I have always lived in London, but went to boarding school out of London, however I am a city girl at heart! I studied History of Art at university and love contemporary art and fashion photography. The ‘image’ is how I really developed my love of fashion. I am also obsessed with food and small dogs.
B: Has your presence on the show impacted your style choices?
R: I definitely mix my outfits up more than I do in real life. If I buy a new ring or shoes I tend to get stuck in my ways and wear them a lot day to day, so when I’m filing the show I am more conscious not to repeat outfits.
B: AtFashionForte has become a widely followed blog – how did this begin and has style always been important to you?
R: I started it when I was finishing my History of Art degree at University. I had always wanted to start a blog and when I started filming the show it seemed like a great way to document my outfits and enable the viewers to shop my outfits and access my wardrobe.
B: Do you have any of your own projects coming up?
R: I am launching my own jewellery range at the end of this year – which is super exciting. Jewellery to me is where my heart is and I have been a magpie for as long as I can remember. I am also launching a nail varnish range in a few months that is something that I am also obsessed with. My hands are my favourite part of my body. I love changing my nail polish and wearing lots of rings.
B: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you through your blog and appearance in Made in Chelsea?
R: I think my clothing collaboration was incredibly fun and a great step into design, which is incredibly fun. I am so grateful for all of the brands that I have collaborated with and love discovering new designers.
B: How would you describe your personal style?
R: My style is quite tailored and structured. I love a good blazer or jacket worn with a silk shirt and jeans. Nothing is better than adding a pair of killer heels for a night out and it’s such an effortlessly cool look.
B: Where is your number one holiday destination?
R: I can’t get enough of New York. I went last summer for 2 months and totally fell in love. I really want to go again this year but I am so busy with work, hopefully towards Christmas where I will be able to experience it in the cold weather.

B: When we met you were heading off to Greece for a long weekend! Do you have any tips on packing for a weekend away in the sun?
R: Panama hats and bikinis are what I live in on holiday. I also have a stupid amount of sunglasses so for me holidays are all about accessorising.

B: Why did you choose the CONTRAST Dress and DAZZLE Bomber Jacket from Bedouin?
R: The dress is amazing for this time of year. You can wear it with heels for a night out or with boots for the day. It’s super versatile and comfortable.

Rosie wears CONTRAST Dress from BEDOUIN, Boots from NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD

To see more outfits from Rosie visit her Instagram here and her blog here!



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