Meet Dana Abdelhadi, one half of the Expose-Communications dream team and a VIP member of the BEDOUIN family. After teaming up with Hind Dhammash, the duo created one of the leading PR agencies in the UAE standing out for their refreshing and very personal approach.

B: Tell us a bit about yourself – where you grew up, where you have lived and live now?

D: I have lived in Dubai for 25 years! It’s a place I am so proud to call home. Being part of a city that is constantly striving to be Number 1 inspires me on a daily basis. I did live in Montreal for a few years in between – which is still a destination I make sure to visit at least once a year.

B: So, how did EXPOSE begin?

D: Expose-communications began in 2009 over a very quick phone call with one of my favourite people in the world, Hind. She came up with the idea, I loved it, got on the next flight to London and we created the concept of this boutique communications agency over drinks and mussels in Soho.

B: What makes an Expose girl? What does it mean to be part of the Expose Team?

D: An expose girl is a kind of girl that isn’t very easy to find – especially in Dubai. She is one that is understated in her style and approach to life yet passionate about her responsibilities and eager to make things happen for everyone around her.

B: Tell us about the #lifeofanexposegirl – the weird and wonderful places your job takes you, the perks and drawbacks (if any!)

D: #lifeofanexposegirl is about the adventure of PR. its about being able to be spontaneous, seize opportunities and make things happen in an even more exciting way than is presented to you. No day is the same and no plan remains as is. You may start and end your day in JLT, but you will definitely have a rollercoaster of a ride in between.

B: How is your personal style affected by you job?

D: I dress very relaxed for work; this results in our communication style being just that – relaxed. We have a very personal approach when dealing with the team, media and our clients and I feel this is due to our effortless fashion style.

That being said, with minimal effort, I think I have the best dressed team in town!

B: Being a Dubai expert, tell us a secret hangout

D: Not many secrets in Dubai, but I love ‘getting away’ to Kite Surf beach on the weekends to unwind from the intense scene of Dubai.

B: How would you describe your personal style? 

D: I love blacks, greys, and whites! I love loose and comfortable clothing and I like to dress like I’m on holiday every day, whether its walking in a busy city or about to have lunch on the seaside.

 Where is your number one summer holiday destination?

D: IBIZA! It’s beautiful, fun and relaxing and has a low key side to it that not everybody knows about.

B: Why did you choose the Fringe Skirt from BEDOUIN?

D: This is my favourite piece in the whole collection. I fell in love with it from when I first got the SS15 sneak peek – and it wasn’t easy picking a favourite. Add fringes to anything and you have my attention.

Dana wears FRINGE Skirt from BEDOUIN also available from COTERIQUE, Trainers from NIKE, Bag from YSL


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