Meet Carmel, Stylist for Emirates Woman Magazine and British stunner! Carmel has styled our BAMBOO Culottes to perfection with this beautiful fringe jacket, creating a look that is nothing short of Palm Springs glamour!

B: Tell us a little about yourself

C: I grew up in the English countryside of Yorkshire surrounded by fields and cows, a far cry from the concrete jungle that is Dubai. I lived in Manchester city center before Dubai for 5 years and it’s also where I went to University to study fashion Buying.

B: Tell us about how your move to Dubai came about?

C: I moved to Dubai to find my dream job.. Emirates Woman 🙂 my bestie lives here and when I came to visit I fell in love with the city.

B: Give us an insight into the life of an Emirates Woman girl. We are sure there are lots of perks – are there any drawbacks? (I doubt it!)

C: Drawbacks? None… Who wouldn’t want to work for the biggest fashion mag in the Middle East surrounded by amazing clothes everyday? It’s a dream job!

The perks? Being flown across the world on amazing press trips with amazing brands and meeting amazing people. Working with an incredibly talented team who I learn so much from every day. I’ve been stuck in a sandstorm in the middle of the desert with Olivia Palermo… I guess that’s pretty weird and wonderful all at the same time!

B: Does working in media impact your personal style?

C: I wouldn’t say my job affects my personal style as such, I still wear whatever I want.. But I would say my job definitely affects my wallet… surrounded by amazing clothes all day means it’s pretty much empty all the time.

B: So what would you say is your personal style?

C: I’m definitely more of a maximalist than a minimalist, I’m a sucker for anything with colour, fringing or embellishment. They say the ingredient to a well edited wardrobe is to stock up on the staples, however I prefer to throw that rule book out of the window and buy anything that makes a statement and then wear all the pieces together.

B: How do you think trends differs from the UK and Dubai?

C: Dubai is definitely more colourful, that may have something to do with the weather. With so many people from so many different cultures living in Dubai it’s nice to see the different ways people dress.

B: Where is your number 1 summer holiday destination?

C: Ibiza has my heart, I worked a summer In Ibiza when I was at University, it’s just got this magical feeling and the Island is so beautiful it has many hidden gems other than being known for it’s party scene.

B: Why did you choose the BEDOUIN Bamboo Culottes?

C: The wide leg pants are so versatile, you can dress them up with heels, down with a pair of slides and I love the pattern. They are also loose fit, which is my style, I never wear anything tight, you’ll never see me in a body con dress!

A big thanks to Carmel for being an urbanBEDOUIN! The photoshoot in the sandstorm with Olivia Palermo turned out to be stunning and one of my favourites to date. Check it out here!

Carmel wears Fringe Jacket: her own, Bamboo Culottes: BEDOUIN, Silver Heels: Zara


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