Meet Sarah, Features Editor of Emirates Woman Magazine, Scottish darling and urbanBEDOUIN #6!

B: Tell us a bit about yourself!

S: I grew up in the countryside in the Highlands of Scotland. We lived on a farm and had the kind of view you see on postcards. In my teens we moved to Inverness (a nearby city), and my family still live there now. I didn’t like school and dropped out early, so I had to take a bit of a colourful route. At 17 I moved to Glasgow to pursue a career in journalism and get more qualifications, and later went to university in Edinburgh.

Now I have a gorgeous apartment in Dubai marina, which is conveniently across the road from Emirates Woman HQ.

B: Tell us what you were up to while living in Edinburgh?

S: Before moving to Dubai I was working for myself as a freelance journalist and copywriter. I spent two days per week with various businesses in the city doing everything from website copy and blogging to social media and marketing material. I dedicated the rest of my time to writing for magazines and newspapers.

B: Was moving to Dubai always on the cards?

S: I didn’t actually have a plan, which has always worked out best for me. I think it’s important to work hard and follow the opportunity that your gut tells you to.

When I made the transition into freelancing I was put in touch with a member of the Emirates Woman team. Initially it was about freelance work, but she very kindly put me forward for a job when there was an opening, and I got it. I remember waking up in a hotel room here in the height of summer, with no idea what to expect. It was very exciting.

B: Tell us about the life of an Emirates Woman girl

S: We’re all very busy, so it can be stressful at times, especially when deadline approaches! But for the most part my job is amazing. I’ve interviewed the likes of Kelly Rowland, relaxed in a private pool in the Maldives, and thrown myself out of a plane, all in the name of work.

Beauty products, clothes, hotels and restaurants are the most obvious perks. Although those are a huge bonus, I entered into this career because I love writing and learning. I know people probably think that I’m lying, but I feel very lucky to do something so interesting as a job.

The bulk of my time is spent doing interviews and research on issues that affect women around the world, which is and always has been my passion.

B: How is your personal style changed since being at Emirates Woman?

S: Since coming to Dubai I’ve incorporated feminine pieces into my wardrobe, as well as more designer gear. The Emirates Woman team definitely inspire me and occasionally push me out of my comfort zone when choosing outfits for special events.

I get to try on lots of different items, so I’ve learned a lot about what I like and what I don’t. The best thing has to be discovering new designer though, as there’s so much upcoming talent in the region.

B: How would you describe your signature style?

S: It’s funny you ask that, because I didn’t used to realise I had a personal style. It was only yesterday that a friend bought me a pair of pyjamas and said “I saw them and had to buy them because they’re so you!” They’re silk with a lace trim, and look very vintage.

I think that I definitely gravitate towards anything retro. Since moving here I’ve broadened my tastes and started to take more fashion risks. I like to keep it simple, feminine and colourful. And I always think it’s better to be underdressed for the occasion.

B: We couldn’t agree more! How do you think style differs from Dubai to the UK?

S: The first time I visited London on my own, I came back with pink hair. That’s what I love about the city – the street style is so diverse that it’s infectious. You feel as though you can wear anything you want, and it brings out a slightly edgier side to my style.

Dubai is far more geared towards designer brands, but that’s no bad thing. There’s a lot of sophistication here, and I think that goes hand in hand with the hotel culture. Everything happens in five star hotels, so you have to make the effort!

B: Where is your number one summer holiday destination?

S: I don’t think I could possibly choose one place, as I think it’s more about the experience than the destination. There’s something magical about South Africa though and I plan on going back again. From safari to diving with sharks and endless countryside, I love that there’s always an adventure to be had.

B: Why did you choose the Bali Playsuit from BEDOUIN?

S: One-pieces are a wardrobe staple for me as they’re so easy to wear. I love the retro vibe of this playsuit and it looks great worn with heels or flats. That’s something I look for when adding a new playsuit to my collection – it’s so important that I can wear it in the office with flat shoes, and then throw on some heels to go to an interview or ladies night.

I know I said I didn’t have a personal style, but I obviously do because this is very ‘me’!

B: A big thank you to Sarah for contributing to ubanBEDOUIN! You can find Sarah’s work on the Emirates Woman website and their monthly magazine!

Sarah wears Bali Playsuit from BEDOUIN


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