Meet Holly, Fashion Assistant at the internationally renowned GLAMOUR Magazine. I caught up with the lovely Holly outside the Condenast HQ on Hanover Square in London. Dressed head to toe in monochrome layering with a hint of metallic, Holly is our ideal urbanBEDOUIN.

B: Tell us a little about Holly
H: I’m from Wiltshire in the south west of England; I went to the London College of Fashion and studied Fashion Management

B: What was your Journey into media like?
H: I interned everywhere throughout school and university, in a buying office, at a modeling agency, in a design studio at a number of fashion magazines which made me realize that fashion editorial was what I really wanted to do

B: If you were to describe Glamour in 3 words what would they be?
H: Smart, stylish and fun.

B: A little birdy told me that you used to live in the US, what was that like and would you consider living abroad again?
H: I spent a little time in LA and loved it; I¹m always chilly and love fitness and fashion so it¹s a perfect spot for me!

B: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you through your work in the media?
H: Sitting front row at the Vivienne Westwood show when I just started out as an intern ­ it was a pure stroke of luck!

B: How would you describe your personal style?
H: Minimal, feminine yet tailored

B: What is the one item in your wardrobe that you couldn¹t live without?
H: My blazer or my leather trousers

B: Where is your number one holiday destination?
H: A little town in the south of Spain that I’ve been going to since I was a child, it feels like a second home.

B: What are your three top tips for packing for a summer holiday?
H: Build a capsule wardrobe ­ pieces you can dress down for day or up for night, there are so many great flat shoes now pick a couple of options that can be for the beach and for the evening, a clutch bag that will help you turn a day outfit into an evening outfit and a hat is always a great holiday staple accessory

B: Why did you choose the OPTIC Dress from BEDOUIN?
H: It fitted perfectly with my personal style ­ feminine, minimal and the shirt cotton fabric gave that tailored vibe I loved it!

Holly wears the OPTIC DRESS from BEDOUIN – this item is now in the summer sale here




ROSIE10Rosie Fortescue wearing the BEDOUIN silk TIDE Top and PARADI Shorts twin set.

All items are now in our summer sale. Click here for the BEDOUIN online store.

A big thank you to Rosie for sharing her forever chic styling with us! xx



Meet urbanBEDOUIN #7, Rosie Fortescue known as one of the original cast members of Made In Chelsea and one of the most followed trend setters in the UK. Rosie’s fashion blog, At Fashion Forte is ever growing in popularity with the perfect combination of beautiful photography and style posts. I caught up with Rosie in her neighbourhood of Fulham and spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine photographing her favourite pieces from BEDOUIN.

B: Tell us a bit about Rosie
R: I have always lived in London, but went to boarding school out of London, however I am a city girl at heart! I studied History of Art at university and love contemporary art and fashion photography. The ‘image’ is how I really developed my love of fashion. I am also obsessed with food and small dogs.
B: Has your presence on the show impacted your style choices?
R: I definitely mix my outfits up more than I do in real life. If I buy a new ring or shoes I tend to get stuck in my ways and wear them a lot day to day, so when I’m filing the show I am more conscious not to repeat outfits.
B: AtFashionForte has become a widely followed blog – how did this begin and has style always been important to you?
R: I started it when I was finishing my History of Art degree at University. I had always wanted to start a blog and when I started filming the show it seemed like a great way to document my outfits and enable the viewers to shop my outfits and access my wardrobe.
B: Do you have any of your own projects coming up?
R: I am launching my own jewellery range at the end of this year – which is super exciting. Jewellery to me is where my heart is and I have been a magpie for as long as I can remember. I am also launching a nail varnish range in a few months that is something that I am also obsessed with. My hands are my favourite part of my body. I love changing my nail polish and wearing lots of rings.
B: What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you through your blog and appearance in Made in Chelsea?
R: I think my clothing collaboration was incredibly fun and a great step into design, which is incredibly fun. I am so grateful for all of the brands that I have collaborated with and love discovering new designers.
B: How would you describe your personal style?
R: My style is quite tailored and structured. I love a good blazer or jacket worn with a silk shirt and jeans. Nothing is better than adding a pair of killer heels for a night out and it’s such an effortlessly cool look.
B: Where is your number one holiday destination?
R: I can’t get enough of New York. I went last summer for 2 months and totally fell in love. I really want to go again this year but I am so busy with work, hopefully towards Christmas where I will be able to experience it in the cold weather.

B: When we met you were heading off to Greece for a long weekend! Do you have any tips on packing for a weekend away in the sun?
R: Panama hats and bikinis are what I live in on holiday. I also have a stupid amount of sunglasses so for me holidays are all about accessorising.

B: Why did you choose the CONTRAST Dress and DAZZLE Bomber Jacket from Bedouin?
R: The dress is amazing for this time of year. You can wear it with heels for a night out or with boots for the day. It’s super versatile and comfortable.

Rosie wears CONTRAST Dress from BEDOUIN, Boots from NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD

To see more outfits from Rosie visit her Instagram here and her blog here!




Meet Dana Abdelhadi, one half of the Expose-Communications dream team and a VIP member of the BEDOUIN family. After teaming up with Hind Dhammash, the duo created one of the leading PR agencies in the UAE standing out for their refreshing and very personal approach.

B: Tell us a bit about yourself – where you grew up, where you have lived and live now?

D: I have lived in Dubai for 25 years! It’s a place I am so proud to call home. Being part of a city that is constantly striving to be Number 1 inspires me on a daily basis. I did live in Montreal for a few years in between – which is still a destination I make sure to visit at least once a year.

B: So, how did EXPOSE begin?

D: Expose-communications began in 2009 over a very quick phone call with one of my favourite people in the world, Hind. She came up with the idea, I loved it, got on the next flight to London and we created the concept of this boutique communications agency over drinks and mussels in Soho.

B: What makes an Expose girl? What does it mean to be part of the Expose Team?

D: An expose girl is a kind of girl that isn’t very easy to find – especially in Dubai. She is one that is understated in her style and approach to life yet passionate about her responsibilities and eager to make things happen for everyone around her.

B: Tell us about the #lifeofanexposegirl – the weird and wonderful places your job takes you, the perks and drawbacks (if any!)

D: #lifeofanexposegirl is about the adventure of PR. its about being able to be spontaneous, seize opportunities and make things happen in an even more exciting way than is presented to you. No day is the same and no plan remains as is. You may start and end your day in JLT, but you will definitely have a rollercoaster of a ride in between.

B: How is your personal style affected by you job?

D: I dress very relaxed for work; this results in our communication style being just that – relaxed. We have a very personal approach when dealing with the team, media and our clients and I feel this is due to our effortless fashion style.

That being said, with minimal effort, I think I have the best dressed team in town!

B: Being a Dubai expert, tell us a secret hangout

D: Not many secrets in Dubai, but I love ‘getting away’ to Kite Surf beach on the weekends to unwind from the intense scene of Dubai.

B: How would you describe your personal style? 

D: I love blacks, greys, and whites! I love loose and comfortable clothing and I like to dress like I’m on holiday every day, whether its walking in a busy city or about to have lunch on the seaside.

 Where is your number one summer holiday destination?

D: IBIZA! It’s beautiful, fun and relaxing and has a low key side to it that not everybody knows about.

B: Why did you choose the Fringe Skirt from BEDOUIN?

D: This is my favourite piece in the whole collection. I fell in love with it from when I first got the SS15 sneak peek – and it wasn’t easy picking a favourite. Add fringes to anything and you have my attention.

Dana wears FRINGE Skirt from BEDOUIN also available from COTERIQUE, Trainers from NIKE, Bag from YSL



Meet Carmel, Stylist for Emirates Woman Magazine and British stunner! Carmel has styled our BAMBOO Culottes to perfection with this beautiful fringe jacket, creating a look that is nothing short of Palm Springs glamour!

B: Tell us a little about yourself

C: I grew up in the English countryside of Yorkshire surrounded by fields and cows, a far cry from the concrete jungle that is Dubai. I lived in Manchester city center before Dubai for 5 years and it’s also where I went to University to study fashion Buying.

B: Tell us about how your move to Dubai came about?

C: I moved to Dubai to find my dream job.. Emirates Woman 🙂 my bestie lives here and when I came to visit I fell in love with the city.

B: Give us an insight into the life of an Emirates Woman girl. We are sure there are lots of perks – are there any drawbacks? (I doubt it!)

C: Drawbacks? None… Who wouldn’t want to work for the biggest fashion mag in the Middle East surrounded by amazing clothes everyday? It’s a dream job!

The perks? Being flown across the world on amazing press trips with amazing brands and meeting amazing people. Working with an incredibly talented team who I learn so much from every day. I’ve been stuck in a sandstorm in the middle of the desert with Olivia Palermo… I guess that’s pretty weird and wonderful all at the same time!

B: Does working in media impact your personal style?

C: I wouldn’t say my job affects my personal style as such, I still wear whatever I want.. But I would say my job definitely affects my wallet… surrounded by amazing clothes all day means it’s pretty much empty all the time.

B: So what would you say is your personal style?

C: I’m definitely more of a maximalist than a minimalist, I’m a sucker for anything with colour, fringing or embellishment. They say the ingredient to a well edited wardrobe is to stock up on the staples, however I prefer to throw that rule book out of the window and buy anything that makes a statement and then wear all the pieces together.

B: How do you think trends differs from the UK and Dubai?

C: Dubai is definitely more colourful, that may have something to do with the weather. With so many people from so many different cultures living in Dubai it’s nice to see the different ways people dress.

B: Where is your number 1 summer holiday destination?

C: Ibiza has my heart, I worked a summer In Ibiza when I was at University, it’s just got this magical feeling and the Island is so beautiful it has many hidden gems other than being known for it’s party scene.

B: Why did you choose the BEDOUIN Bamboo Culottes?

C: The wide leg pants are so versatile, you can dress them up with heels, down with a pair of slides and I love the pattern. They are also loose fit, which is my style, I never wear anything tight, you’ll never see me in a body con dress!

A big thanks to Carmel for being an urbanBEDOUIN! The photoshoot in the sandstorm with Olivia Palermo turned out to be stunning and one of my favourites to date. Check it out here!

Carmel wears Fringe Jacket: her own, Bamboo Culottes: BEDOUIN, Silver Heels: Zara



JOSH1Meet Josh, a very talented Illustrator from Surrey, London. I first came across Josh through his Instagram account @joshbristowillillustration and was blown away by his colourful illustrations that are full of personality and energy! Josh kindly illustrated some of his favourite pieces from the BEDOUIN SS15 collection and the result was so exciting! I couldn’t resist discovering more about the man behind these abstract and fabulously elongated ladies!

B: Josh, tell us a bit about yourself

J: I grew up in Surrey, UK, Surrey is the suburbs and about an hour outside the centre of London, Ive always lived here since I was little and still live here now commuting to London daily.

B: Tell us about life in and around London!

J: Life in London is great, When i was younger I used to think London was a big scary place, but since studying at Uni there and now working there and finding myself here 5 days a week, the city seems a lot smaller to me, I also feel I know the city really well. London is a great place just to walk around, I prefer to walk than get the underground or a bus, its a great chance to admire all the different styles of architecture in the London streets.

B: If you ever moved abroad where would it be? 

J: In 2014 I was lucky enough to be able to work in Geneva Switzerland, Geneva is such a beautiful city! I was in awe of the chic style and beautiful simplicity or extravagant look that the city had. Seeing Geneva in both the winter and the summer is definitely something I recommend!

B: How did you get into being an illustrator? 

J: I originally studied Fashion Design at Secondary School and then at College (before uni). It was here that my teachers really encouraged my approach to drawing. I found that I preferred and was stronger at the design process rather than the practical side of producing a garment, preferred drawing the stylised clothing and beautiful figures etc. It was here I learned about the medium of fashion illustration and how it is used within lots of industries.

B: Tell us about your ideal work space

J: My studio at home, my studio is a creative mess! A selection of anything and everything, I have lots of old desk lamps as its important to have good light when drawing and numerous piles of paper all over my desk. I prefer working in a cluttered atmosphere rather than a clinical empty room, but its still good to organise and know where everything is!

B: Good to hear that my studio isn’t the only chaotic one! What inspires your style of drawing?

J: Ah such a cliche question! Inspiration can spring from anything and everything. At this moment in time, I’m quite inspired by typography, as my day job lies more in graphic design. I enjoy looking to the past a lot for inspiration too, Im really into Brian Stonehouse archive illustrations for Harpers etc, and of course the illustrator talents like Erte, Vertes, Erickson, Keogh

B: What about your style, how would you describe it? 

J: I think I have a signature look to my illustrations that I nurtured at uni, but I find my style is constantly changing, depending what mood you are in or what you are inspired by at the time, thats the fun thing about illustration, you can change your style up for one client etc and another for a different one, but its important to have a cohesive look to your illustrations too, so it can be recognised as a whole.

B: Being a freelancer you must have some weird and wonderful jobs – tell us about some of the exciting ones!

J: I have worked on a mix of editorial, fashion clients and lifestyle projects over the last 4 years,

Ive had illustrations in magazine features for titles such as Notion Magazine, The Evening Standard, Deluxe Magazine, Elle Hungary to name a few etc,

I’ve also done a lot of product and point of sale work for beauty brands such as Wella, Clairol and Londa, Proctor & Gamble were a fantastic client. Im currently also working on some illustrations for a new book launching later this year for a London publishing company.

B: Where can we purchase your artwork? Is it available online and where do you ship to? 

J: I dont’ have my work available to purchase prints online, If anyone is interested in buying original work or prints please contact me via my website contact section!

A big thank you to Josh for these fabulous illustrations and his patience during my string of somewhat cliche questions! 😀 Please visit Josh’s website www.joshbristowillustration.com and contact him for any enquiries.

Check out Josh’s Instagram gallery here @joshbristowillillustration

Wishing you all a fabulous day and thank you for reading! x



Meet Sarah, Features Editor of Emirates Woman Magazine, Scottish darling and urbanBEDOUIN #6!

B: Tell us a bit about yourself!

S: I grew up in the countryside in the Highlands of Scotland. We lived on a farm and had the kind of view you see on postcards. In my teens we moved to Inverness (a nearby city), and my family still live there now. I didn’t like school and dropped out early, so I had to take a bit of a colourful route. At 17 I moved to Glasgow to pursue a career in journalism and get more qualifications, and later went to university in Edinburgh.

Now I have a gorgeous apartment in Dubai marina, which is conveniently across the road from Emirates Woman HQ.

B: Tell us what you were up to while living in Edinburgh?

S: Before moving to Dubai I was working for myself as a freelance journalist and copywriter. I spent two days per week with various businesses in the city doing everything from website copy and blogging to social media and marketing material. I dedicated the rest of my time to writing for magazines and newspapers.

B: Was moving to Dubai always on the cards?

S: I didn’t actually have a plan, which has always worked out best for me. I think it’s important to work hard and follow the opportunity that your gut tells you to.

When I made the transition into freelancing I was put in touch with a member of the Emirates Woman team. Initially it was about freelance work, but she very kindly put me forward for a job when there was an opening, and I got it. I remember waking up in a hotel room here in the height of summer, with no idea what to expect. It was very exciting.

B: Tell us about the life of an Emirates Woman girl

S: We’re all very busy, so it can be stressful at times, especially when deadline approaches! But for the most part my job is amazing. I’ve interviewed the likes of Kelly Rowland, relaxed in a private pool in the Maldives, and thrown myself out of a plane, all in the name of work.

Beauty products, clothes, hotels and restaurants are the most obvious perks. Although those are a huge bonus, I entered into this career because I love writing and learning. I know people probably think that I’m lying, but I feel very lucky to do something so interesting as a job.

The bulk of my time is spent doing interviews and research on issues that affect women around the world, which is and always has been my passion.

B: How is your personal style changed since being at Emirates Woman?

S: Since coming to Dubai I’ve incorporated feminine pieces into my wardrobe, as well as more designer gear. The Emirates Woman team definitely inspire me and occasionally push me out of my comfort zone when choosing outfits for special events.

I get to try on lots of different items, so I’ve learned a lot about what I like and what I don’t. The best thing has to be discovering new designer though, as there’s so much upcoming talent in the region.

B: How would you describe your signature style?

S: It’s funny you ask that, because I didn’t used to realise I had a personal style. It was only yesterday that a friend bought me a pair of pyjamas and said “I saw them and had to buy them because they’re so you!” They’re silk with a lace trim, and look very vintage.

I think that I definitely gravitate towards anything retro. Since moving here I’ve broadened my tastes and started to take more fashion risks. I like to keep it simple, feminine and colourful. And I always think it’s better to be underdressed for the occasion.

B: We couldn’t agree more! How do you think style differs from Dubai to the UK?

S: The first time I visited London on my own, I came back with pink hair. That’s what I love about the city – the street style is so diverse that it’s infectious. You feel as though you can wear anything you want, and it brings out a slightly edgier side to my style.

Dubai is far more geared towards designer brands, but that’s no bad thing. There’s a lot of sophistication here, and I think that goes hand in hand with the hotel culture. Everything happens in five star hotels, so you have to make the effort!

B: Where is your number one summer holiday destination?

S: I don’t think I could possibly choose one place, as I think it’s more about the experience than the destination. There’s something magical about South Africa though and I plan on going back again. From safari to diving with sharks and endless countryside, I love that there’s always an adventure to be had.

B: Why did you choose the Bali Playsuit from BEDOUIN?

S: One-pieces are a wardrobe staple for me as they’re so easy to wear. I love the retro vibe of this playsuit and it looks great worn with heels or flats. That’s something I look for when adding a new playsuit to my collection – it’s so important that I can wear it in the office with flat shoes, and then throw on some heels to go to an interview or ladies night.

I know I said I didn’t have a personal style, but I obviously do because this is very ‘me’!

B: A big thank you to Sarah for contributing to ubanBEDOUIN! You can find Sarah’s work on the Emirates Woman website and their monthly magazine!

Sarah wears Bali Playsuit from BEDOUIN



Introducing Alex – PR guru, natural beauty and urbanBEDOUIN #5. Over the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of working with Alex since she joined the Expose Communications team in Dubai. It goes without saying Alex’s laid back sense of cool makes her the perfect contemporary Bedouin.

B: Tell us a bit about yourself!

A: I’m an Essex girl (and no, I’m not a cast member from TOWIE) I’ve lived there my whole life; I literally used to live in the sticks in a little town called Epping. I now live in Dubai – I have gone from the sticks to the desert – I moved here earlier this year.

B: What you were up to while living in London?

A: I also worked in PR when I lived in London/Essex, working in PR is a very social job; there was always an event to go to or you’re meeting with press most nights. It’s a very fun place to live; it’s always filled with energy – especially in the summer.

B: How about your move to Dubai – did you always want to live here?

A: I’ve been thinking about moving to Dubai for a few years, but moving earlier this year was definitely the best time to relocate as so many of my friends have recently made the move and it’s like home-from-home for me – which is nice! It all happened so quickly, which I think is the best way; I spent Christmas and New Year in the UK and before I knew it I was on the plane to Dubai.

B: Tell us about the #lifeofanexposegirl 

A: Life of an Expose girl is a pretty nice life – I get to work with lovely people on a daily basis surrounded by such beautiful clothes – can it get any better? My job literally takes me everywhere; we are always on the move! I’m still adapting to living in Dubai and seeing blue skies everyday – I do sometimes wish I’m outside sunbathing… it’s a novelty for an English girl to see sunshine for longer a week!

B: How is your personal style affected by your job?

A: Working in PR you’re aware of the latest trends and inspired by what girls are wearing in the magazines and on social media, so you naturally become more creative with your outfits because you’re exposed to it. As we are always on the move I do live in flats… but flats are the new heels, right?

B: They sure are! How would you describe your personal style?

A: My style is quite chilled – I basically live in my converse. I feel like they go with everything and just make your outfits not look so ‘try hard’. I’m obsessed with Olivia Palermo and the Olsen twins – those girls really know how to dress and always keep true to their personal style rather than copying everyone else.

B: How do you think style differs from London and Dubai?

A: As London was mostly cold all year round I used to love layering – a chunky jumper with a pair of ripped skinny black jeans with biker boots. I was obsessed with Zara and Topshop – they were my go-to stores and you can never beat London shopping. My style has changed slightly living in Dubai just because of the heat – I don’t think I’ll ever be wearing a chunky knit in Dubai! I have ventured away slightly from the colour black – I think the sun has changed me!

B: Speaking of sunshine, where is your No.1 summer holiday destination?

A: Last year I went to Santorini and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. It was just so pretty; I’ve never seen the sea that blue! I would go back every year.

B: Why did you choose the OPTIC Dress from BEDOUIN?

A: I love very minimal styles and was drawn to this dress straight away. I love the cut and the length of the dress – it’s very comfortable to wear, which is so important when you’re running around all day…. I also can wear my converses with them – BONUS!

Alex wears Optic Dress from BEDOUIN, Bag from Chanel, Shoes from Converse



Meet Elizabeth Dewar, A Scottish born beauty, Art Director and URBANbedouin #4.

Elizabeth is as global as it gets, moving around a lot while growing up she describes herself as a bit of a ‘gypsy’. After living in Dubai for about 17 years altogether she explains “it’s an amazing city and I try to never take it for granted.”

B: Where is the most recent place you have travelled to?
E: My most recent travels have been to South Africa and to New Zealand (which have very different wardrobe requirements!) They are truly amazing places.

B: How would you describe your personal style?
E: As an Art Director at an advertising agency I’m pretty lucky to be able to wander around in what ever I feel like. I’d say my personal style is quite versatile and casual. I wear a lot of black! I’m not into the high-maintenance, luxury-brand focused look so like to buy on my travels and find unique clothing to bring back here.

B: What is important to you when buying new items?
E: I’ve started to look for styles that I really love, then try to invest in the best quality I can find. I’ve been wearing brogues for years now and recently bought a lovely black pair in Edinburgh. I also try to find things a little different so buy abroad or from boutiques, I also shop online a lot. With limited styles in Dubai its easy to get bored.

B: Living in Dubai you are in sun all year round – is there anything that you miss about the winter wardrobe in Scotland?
E: I miss very little about Scottish winters!

B: Why did you choose the Pacific Skirt from BEDOUIN?
E: I love anything high waisted plus the striking print isn’t like anything else we have here in Dubai.

B: What is your number one thing to do living in Dubai?
E: Beaching.

B: Where next?
E: I’ll go anywhere for an adventure but South America is pretty high on my list.

Elizabeth wears PACIFIC SKIRT from BEDOUIN, Bag – Vintage, Top – her own